Coaching, Consultation & Fees

Each session is customized and efficient and here is how this goes:

This broad range of services will meet you where you are and help you gain confidence in making improvements, better understand what you have and how to maintain it. It can also save you a lot of money on not outsourcing everything or overbuying plants, and also can save you a lot of work and time later, by avoiding mistakes.

Fees for coaching and consulting sessions Effective April 1, 2023


Free bonus: I usually provide a short summary video of the recommendations we discuss in the first consultation. (Heads up: this may or may not end up on Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook or YouTube!)

VIRTUAL SESSIONS: $125/hr. Sessions are by FaceTime(iPhone) or GoogleMeet.

I can't easily teach skills this way but I can advise and consult. It works!🌺

My goal: to get you more comfortable. This will take the mystery out of gardening so you can start making your own improvements, save money, and feel great about what you can accomplish.