Why Have a Garden Coach?

Save Money, Feel Good

Not everyone knows what to do in the garden. I provide guidance to help people get started, or to think about their outside space with fresh eyes. It's a collaborative process with personalized advice and it can include some hands-on training. We'll explore options and next steps to improve or transform your garden.

Why this model works:

Landscapers are in high demand and outsourcing may not be in the budget right now. Many people are more able than they realize. Doing it yourself can result in significant savings that can be used for other things. Also, it can be really gratifying to work in the garden, connect with nature and create something beautiful or improve on what you already have.

I'll help you understand what to do to improve your outdoor space, and when. This often includes:

  • Skill building, like pruning. Shrubs and small trees can easily get overgrown but it is not necessarily obvious how to deal with this.

  • Design

  • Plant identification and recommendations for care

This demystifies the process so you can feel more empowered and confident. It can be very expensive to outsource your landscaping and they are all in high demand. And why do that if you have some time and can do it yourself?

Coaching is also for more experienced gardeners, who would like a fresh perspective.

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Upcoming course for beginning gardeners:

  • Arlington Continuing Education, on March 29

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