Why Have a Garden Coach?

Do you know what is in your garden and how it could be improved? Are you intimidated to start?

Your plants may be too close to each other or your house, driveway, or walkway. This is very common.

I'll help you understand what to do to improve your outdoor space. This often includes:

  • Skill building

  • Design

  • Plant identification and recommendations

This will demystify the process so you can feel more empowered and confident in your garden. It can be very expensive to outsource your landscaping and they are all in high demand. And why do that if you have some time and can do it yourself. It is so rewarding.

This coaching is for people who would like to know more about gardening but need some guidance and mentoring to help them get started. It's a collaborative process with personalized advice and hands-on training. We'll explore options and next steps to improve or transform your garden.

Empowering gardeners at all levels to get their hands dirty.
Serving Winchester, MA, and surrounding towns.

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