See What's Possible

#1: This was almost a blank slate. new beds, new plants, soothing colors.

#2: Planting young plants is an economical way to approach gardening but you have to be patient... get this. This is a gradual transformation over a few years. More plants were added and given a chance to grow in.

#3: My mother was very discouraged by how much work this area needed. And she was an amazing gardener.

However, any area can be transformed if you know what can be done to improve it.

#4: This space was nondescript and empty, and a simple rectangle.

More plants and focal points were introduced, along with a more interesting shape.

#5: This was just mulch and pine needles

Free plants from Facebook group helped this client with a weekend makeover.

#9. This area had too many curves for such a small area, and the tree hydrangeas were too close to the neighboring plants on the other side of the fence

The hydrangeas were moved and a more proportional shape was created

#6: This is a deep shade area and it's too crowded and overgrown. Some of the plants initially selected did not have sufficient light to thrive.

Now there is more variety of
shade-loving plants and it's less congested.

#7: We must have patience

Note how the same space looks different over the years and the seasons.

#8: This area was dark and overgrown.

And now it features a more defined space, after major pruning and clearing, and adding a greater variety of plants.