We'll Consider:

Taking on the right amount

Determining the right amount of new projects will help ensure you have enough time to enjoy your outdoor space.


Are your plants the appropriate distance apart? Improper spacing causes problems later on. Notice how the windows in this photo are already partially blocked by those rhododendrons. A solution is to simply move some things around before they get too big.


The shape of a garden bed or border is essential. Get this right and it becomes very pleasing to the eye.


Understanding how much light you have in your garden will determine which plants will thrive best in each area.

Full Sun

Full Shade

Colors and Timing

It's important to know what you like and what goes well together to get the best out of your garden.


How much maintenance do you want to do and do you want to do it yourself? No matter what, there will be maintenance. So how much is too much? We'll start with this extremely important question so you don't get in over your head and get discouraged.